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Dewalt DC9099 Battery, 2 Packs CREJOY™ Dewalt DC9096-2 18-Volt XRP NiCad Replacement Battery for DEWALT DC9096 DC9099 388683-12 651034-01 DE9039 DE9095 DE9096 DE9098 DW9096 DW9095 DW9098

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Product Description

Compatible P/N: DEWALT DC9096, DE9039, DE9095, DE9096, DE9098. DW9096, DW9095, DW9098 DE9503 Fit Model: DEWALT 18 Volt Power Tool DC020, DC212, DC212B, DC212KA, DC212KB, DC212KZ, DC212N, DC213KB, DC330, DC330K, DC330KA, DC330KB, DC330N, DC380KA, DC380KB, DC380N, DC385, DC385B, DC385K, DC390, DC390B, DC390K, DC390KA, DC390KB, DC390N, DC410, DC410KA, DC410KB, DC410N, DC411B, DC411KA, DC411KL, DC490B, DC490KA, DC495B, DC495KA, DC515B, DC515K, DC515N, DC520KA, DC527 (Flash Light), DC530KA, DC545K, DC546K, DC547K, DC550, DC550B, DC550KA, DC608B, DC608K, DC616K, DC618, DC618K, DC618KA, DC628K, DC668KA, DC720KA, DC721KA, DC721KB, DC725KA, DC725KB, DC729KA, DC759, DC759KA, DC759KB, DC820B, DC820KA, DC820KB, DC821KA, DC823B, DC823KA, DC825B, DC825KA, DC825KB, DC920KA, DC925, DC925KA, DC925KB, DC925VA, DC926KA, DC926VA, DC927, DC927KA, DC987, DC987KA, DC987KB, DC988, DC988KA, DC988KB, DC988VA, DC989KA, DC989VA, DC998KB, DCD690KL, DCD760B, DCD775B, DCD920B2, DCD925, DCD925B2, DCD940KX, DCD950B, DCD950KX, DCD950VX, DCD959KX, DCD959VX, DCD970KL, DCD980L2, DCD985L2, DCF059KL, DCF826KL, DCG411KL, DW056, DW056K, DW056K-2, DW056KS, DW056N, DW057K, DW057K-2, DW057N, DW059, DW059B, DW059K-2, DW908 (Flash Light), DW919 (Flash Light), DW932, DW933, DW933K, DW934, DW934K-2, DW934K2, DW934K2H, DW936, DW936K, DW938, DW938K, DW959K-2, DW960, DW960B, DW960K, DW960K-2, DW987, DW987KQ, DW988, DW988KQ, DW989, DW995, DW997, DW997K-2, DW999, DW999K, DW999K-2, DW999K2H, DW999KQ Features High quality cells,high capacity battery for longer running time.Products are CE certified, tested by manufacturer to match OEM products,as good as even better than the originals. Package Includes 2 x Replacement batteries for DW9096 Related Product: Buy more get more discount! 1 Pack: B010NATDQI 2 Packs: B015CEN1XG 3 Packs: B017R1E1UO 5 Packs: B017R1JJIS 6 Packs: B0179JNWLI 10 Packs: B016UKMU6K

Expert Review

Review by: Katie D.
As for me, a long-standing and solid primary product research is a vital move before purchasing anything online. unplanned buying is as much fun as risk, so I supposed it was worth spending my time to take a look at the case with great precaution.

It’s safe to say I was incredibly lucky to stumble upon the Dewalt DC9099 Battery, 2 Packs CREJOY™ Dewalt DC9096-2 18-Volt XRP NiCad Replacement Battery for DEWALT DC9096 DC9099 388683-12 651034-01 DE9039 DE9095 DE9096 DE9098 DW9096 DW9095 DW9098 so easily sold here. My study has shown that this item is radically unlike the vast majority of the suchlike items by courtesy of its terrific quality. I’ve digged out some overall requirements that are commonly applied to the offers of this nature, and learned that the one I’ve purchased comes forward from the rest and appears to be more than asensible option for this price bracket.

I would prefer a lower cost, of course, (the one that is much closer to zero, would be great), but, I have to admit the set price is totally acceptable. You can’t expect a prime quality product to be ridiculously low-cost as it will mean either a poor quality of raw materials, or a mediocre production quality, or both. Or, even more awful, it will mean taking advantage of underpaid workmen. How about no, not the exact kind of product I am ready to back with my acquisition.

I would also like to let you know that when I got my acquisition delivered and took a look into the package I was happy to see that Dewalt DC9099 Battery, 2 Packs CREJOY™ Dewalt DC9096-2 18-Volt XRP NiCad Replacement Battery for DEWALT DC9096 DC9099 388683-12 651034-01 DE9039 DE9095 DE9096 DE9098 DW9096 DW9095 DW9098 has arrived in impeccable working condition, with no weaknesses or faults or stuff like that. It’s tremendous to know the acquisition has verified its worth, so yeah, I absolutely recommend acquiring this one.
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My detailed Internet research proves that the item distinguished itself from the rivals and my own testing finds it has an exceptional quality.
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Customer Reviews

Elijah Bell
Verified buyer
ES, Madrid

set of features is not as described, to my frustration. several parameters didn’t right correspond with what was shown in the depictions, and even though it’s still looking good it’s not worth the payment I paid. I bought drawing on multiple fine comments but when I got it in the mail, it was nothing like what I was awaiting it to be.

Rachel Parker
Verified buyer
US, New York

tried it already, really nice one

Amber Watkins
Verified buyer
CZ, Prague

significantly better than a similar one i bought offline

Jennifer Ross
Verified buyer
AU, Sydney

The seller does his best – savings for are worth every penny

Kevin White
Verified buyer
UK, London

Well made, fits & works perfectly

Megan Gray
Verified buyer
US, Fresno

excellent quality, i am super glad

William Jackson
Verified buyer
US, Chicago

Best webstore ever! happy with my purchase

Sara Clark
Verified buyer
GR, Athens

Gorgeous quality!

Olivia Young
Verified buyer
US, San Francisco

even without a discount is still really affordable

Courtney Howard
Verified buyer
US, San Diego

The option of free shipping is everything. Amazing service

Alice Foster
Verified buyer
DE, Berlin

totally conforms to the description

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