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Fridge-It Naturally Activated Charcoal Odor Absorber

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Product Description

Product FeaturesWorks on all odors, not just the easy onesIdeal for even the worst odors in refrigerator and for providing fresher tasting and smelling ice in the freezerAlso great under sinks, near trash, closets, storage, garage, cabinets, diaper pails, pantry, lockers, sports bags, dorm rooms, office cubicles and much more The Fragrance Free FRIDGE-IT® Cube is ideal for even the worst odors in refrigerator and for providing fresher tasting and smelling ice in the freezer. Activated carbon works on all odors, not just the easy ones. Advanced air flow design and activated carbon filter literally pulls odors into the filter and traps them. Fragrance free so odors aren't covered up by irritating fragrances but instead eliminated by our advanced activated carbon filter. Available in our original cube with built in hanging feature to hang or just place on surface and in our wafer flat format with clip-on feature and for tighter areas. With both, starts working immediately and provides superior odor absorption qualities with no carbon black powder or spills. FRIDGE IT® also works great around the house to eliminate musty and bad odors. Try it under sinks, near trash, closets, storage, garage, cabinets, diaper pails, pantry, lockers, sports bags, dorm rooms, office cubicles and much more. The safer, more effective alternative to eliminating odors and providing clean fresh air.

Expert Review

Review by: Daniel Z.
I but things at web stores from time to time but every now and then you don’t get what you thought you were buying. This time I got exactly what I was promised.

What actually came to my notice was the design. I rarely saw merchandise, a model like this at a web store. So to be honest, I came to like the merchandise at once. Though I I had certain doubts about the quality when I ordered it. Back then I felt I’d better not expect good quality. Nevertheless I misjudged the seller.

When the package was delivered I was astonished by the quality of the merchandise. From my perspective, it’s hard to acquire such product made of fine materials. the merch turned out to be a good purchase! it’s a relief I purchased it. Who could guess I’d get something this good via the internet. I came across a couple of similar models from other sellers but it wasn’t really anything of decent quality. Either the outward appearance or the quality appeared too cheap so I didn’t want to take the risk.

I was after something for my partner and I was fortunate I purchased this from this seller. I read somewhere the model is pretty popular among quite a number of people. My soul mate has been using it for some time now and looks surely happy. So I suppose I was lucky to encounter this web site.
Overall Rating
Review Summary
I’m happy I purchased this stuff. The seller offered decent quality and price in comparison with others. No problems with the product.
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Customer Reviews

Linda Young
Verified buyer
CA, Ottawa

For my budget is a great buy. thanks to the seller!

Robert Henry
Verified buyer
CA, Vancouver

very good product, high quality, will order again

Amber Rogers
Verified buyer
BE, Brussels

As I can judge from my own experience, the best online are sold in this very store. Great!

Sophie Cox
Verified buyer
DE, Berlin

Very well made!

Matthew Jones
Verified buyer
IT, Rome

Bought a brand new from this shop. Awesome!

Jeremy Powell
Verified buyer
UK, London

awesome, i recommend!

Kevin Harris
Verified buyer
US, New York

reviews indicate it’s a fairly good item. totally agree, i am happy with the purchase

Fiona Scott
Verified buyer
US, Sacramento

No more worries about where to find online. Thank you!

David Moore
Verified buyer
DE, Berlin

To offer suct a great item for sale and to ask such a modest price for it is really nice of the seller

Derek Smith
Verified buyer
US, New York

Glad I could get online. The quality is as high as in any offline store, but that’s way more comfortable

Jennifer Ross
Verified buyer
AU, Sydney

The offer is one of the best. savings for didn’t go up in smoke, thankfully.

Rachel Long
Verified buyer
GR, Athens

Glad I could buy online. No hassle, and the quality is fine

William Jackson
Verified buyer
US, Chicago

true class! I shopped for it for my buddy’s colleagues guessing how thankful they will be, and it undoubtedly makes a admirable gift. in effect it is even better than the picture. It is just fascinating and makes a super obtainment – the quality is great for the price. I will most probably think about buying one in some time, and can obviously recommend it to anyone.

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