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IAN Beverage Warmer for Coffee Cup and Teapot, USB Electric Warmer (Golden)

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Product Description

For 5V USB power supply 1. Wipe off the water on the mug. 2. Connect the product to the USB port of the computer or charger. 3. Put the mug on the beverage warmer. 4. The light is on when the product is working normally, and keeps the temperature at 40-60℃ Cautions: 1. During long periods of non-use, pull out the plug or turn off the power switch. 2. The warming effect is different on different materials, it works best with cooper is the best, next with glass, and followed by plastic. And the effect will be improved with a cover on. 3. The center of the warmer is hot when it is working, please don't touch it. 4. The warmer is to keep the temperature at 40-60℃ only, cannot boil water. 5. Do not wash the product in water. 6.Make sure the output is not less than 2A when using charger as the power supply for the product. 7. Connect to the rear USB port when using desktop computer as the power supply for the product to ensure the warming effect. Do not connect to the front USB port. Do not connect with USB extension cable 8. Non-professionals are forbidden to take the bottom cover apart.

Expert Review

Review by: Sean R.
I use web stores to purchase products quite often but often you don’t get what you thought you were buying. This time I was lucky.

The thing that caught my eye was the design. You rarely see stuff like this at a web shop. So actually, I came to like the stuff at first glance. Though I I had certain doubts about the quality when I ordered it. Back then I felt I’d better not expect fine quality. Now I’m happy I was mistaken.

When my package arrived I was astonished by the quality of the stuff. Personally for me, it’s extremely hard to buy such stuff made of good materials. the merch turned out to be a lucky purchase! it’s a relief I acquired it. Who could expect I’d get something of high quality in the internet. I found a couple of similar items from other sellers but it wasn’t really anything of proper quality. Either the appearance or the quality looked too poor so I decided not to take the risk.

I was in search of a present for my partner and it’s a real luck I acquired this from this seller. I hear the thing is really popular among quite a number of people. My friend has been using it for 3 weeks now and seems so happy. So I believe I was lucky to find this seller.
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it’s a relief I ordered this stuff. The web store offered good quality and price compared to others. No complaints.
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Customer Reviews

Matthew Jackson
Verified buyer
FR, Paris

after a long search i am sure that the best price for is offered right here. the price is fair for the quality, btw

Oliver Harris
Verified buyer
FR, Paris

Now I don’t have to worry where to buy online – thanks to the seller, the quality is great

Shannon James
Verified buyer
US, Chicago

it was a bit difficult to find a on such a low price. but thanks to the store owner now i’m happier than ever

Melissa Martinez
Verified buyer
ES, Barcelona

The seller offers the best value for money, thanks!

Matthew Jones
Verified buyer
IT, Rome

first class item and service!

Tyler Garcia
Verified buyer
ES, Madrid

Thanks! Everything is fine! A good product for a reasonable price!

Jesse Hardy
Verified buyer
AU, Sydney

reviews confirm it’s a great item sold in a reputable store

Mary McCoy
Verified buyer
US, New York

thanks! liked your offer

Jeremy Powell
Verified buyer
UK, London

was greatly satisfied with the order

Michelle Thompson
Verified buyer
FR, Paris

will try it out today 🙂 thanks for the shipment!

Evan Bell
Verified buyer
UK, Manchester

No reason to doubt where can i buy . this store is the ultimate answer!

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